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I seek out patterns, new ideas and paradigms. On my blog, you will find my day to day notes, ideas, projects and stuff that may be useful.



Building a Swift UI App - Planning

posted on July 4, 2021

Design, Plan, Code and Ship a SwiftUI app and Blog about it

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July 2021 Mini Sabbatical

posted on July 3, 2021

Finding clarity and my zen, I took a few days to write, code, learn and enjoy my schedule on my own terms.

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2021 Useful tools and tips for web work

posted on May 2, 2021

Capturing useful tools and tips for working with the web and data

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Site Roadmap

posted on December 17, 2020

Reviewing site improvements over the past month and setting a plan for future improvements. Done, todo and obstacles.

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DAMA Meeting 9/17

posted on September 12, 2020

Data quality and making sense of the information flow that surrounds us on social media

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posted on March 1, 2020

Back and forth discussion of relevant topics.