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Resource - Unsplash.com

posted on August 3, 2021 | tags: [ site ]

Found several excellent photos and images on Unsplashed, looks like a modern Flickr.

August Monthly Focus - 3 Wins

posted on August 1, 2021 | tags: [ agile, planning ]

Following the Agile Way, I decided to post my planning notes. Monthly, weekly, daily notes, 3 wins and looking forward.

Roxberry.DEV GTmetrix Scores 100%

posted on July 29, 2021 | tags: [ site, development, performance ]
GTmetrix scores

Scoring 100% after moving Roxberry.DEV to GatsbyJS and Github pages.

Books in progress

posted on July 29, 2021 | tags: [ books, security, Russia ]
Newcastle Library

Checking in on my summer book list - Fracture, Modern Cryptography for Cybersecurity Professionals, The Invention of Russia, The Fifth Domain

Dev Note - HttpClient in SFRA (Salesforce)

posted on July 27, 2021 | tags: [ development, sfra, salesforce ]
main post image

Posting code I used for a HttpClient call in Salesforce Commerce Cloud SFRA

Github Action for Gatsby Publish

posted on July 25, 2021 | tags: [ site, development ]
main post image

Automating my site posting with Github actions

Rolled My Own Pager

posted on July 7, 2021 | tags: [ site, development, react ]
main post image

Notes on coding a pager for the site

Swift Tips

posted on July 6, 2021 | tags: [ swift, apple, projects, development ]
main post image

Post to track coding, other notables for Swift development

Building a Swift UI App - Planning

posted on July 4, 2021 | tags: [ development, apple, swift, projects, nwrpg ]

Design, Plan, Code and Ship a SwiftUI app and Blog about it