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SJS1 Inaugural Podcast - Grassroots Coaching Education with Beau Morki

posted on November 12, 2021 | tags: [ sjs1 ]
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Inaugural The SJS1 Podcast

SJS1 is a new media platform for South Jersey sports. I hosted the inaugural The SJS1 Podcast with Keith Rambo, Dave Debreceni and our guest Beau Morki, US Club Soccer Coach Licensing Technical Lead on Friday 11/12/2021. A little nerve wracking, making sure we had some semblance of a show, intro, outro, stream from Zoom to FB. Posted to YouTube also. However, our guest was great, Beau Morki, the US Club Soccer Coaching Education expert.

Working on the SJS1 site, integrations and our future show schedule, any ideas are welcome!


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