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About Me

What GPT-4 thinks about my resume:

About Me

Driven architect and developer at Database Solutions, Inc., with a reputation for innovating secure, scalable solutions within diverse industries like media, healthcare, and finance. Adept at resolving complex technical challenges through effective use of technology.


Proficient in Java, Python, Cloud Technologies (AWS, Azure, GCP, OpenShift), and DevOps (Docker, Kubernetes). CISSP and CEH certified, with a focus on secure intelligence and integration. Lead architect and engineer for GenWave, DSI's Generative Innovation and Capability Explorer platform.

Beyond Work

Cybersecurity advocate and speaker, OWASP leader and contributor, CSA AI volunteer and robotics mentor. Committed to driving advancement through technology and education. Information Officer at the South Jersey Soccer League


Dedicated to crafting secure, generative solutions that enhance operational efficiency and drive innovation.