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Building Micro-Frontends

posted on November 21, 2021 | tags: [ architecture ]
Colorful building fronts in Venice, Italy
Tracking concepts for a micro-frontend architecture. This post will track ideas, concepts and resources for MFE architectural guidance.

Building Micro-Frontends Resources

New client, thinking about architectures - I am helping out their platform team, learning about micro-frontends and realizing an architecture for micro-frontend creation to support many development teams here. At the core of this work is building out a micro-frontend architecure that:

  1. breaks out shared concerns to a common root frame (auth, communication, logging, telemetry)
  2. is designed to be modular and framework independent
  3. has tools for teams to realize an architectural standard.

This post will capture MFE ideas, concepts and resources.


Team Topologies

Building Micro-Frontends


Micro-Frontends: a deep dive into the latest industry trend.



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