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posted on February 22, 2022 | tags: [ architect, coder, maker ]
If you fell down yesterday, stand up today. - H. G. Wells

What makes me tick?

Reading this morning's "Pointer" newsletter, see Pointer.io, the first item is The 25 Micro-habits Of High-Impact Managers. One of the "micro-habits" is "Write down what makes you tick". While I don't want to be a manager, I did like the idea of thinking about what makes me tick. I think today (this might change day to day), but today, these 3 would rate the highest:

  1. Continuous Success -> Clear defined requirements and achieving goals by being in a "continuous success" mode. "Always Be Delivering".
  2. Self Managed Mindset -> Time allocated by controlled blocks for delivery, spikes, deep dives, education, follow ups and unstructured stuff from each block.
  3. Community Actuation -> Actuating other professionals to learn, grow, innovate and achieve their goals. Be my own community.


Pointer.io The 25 Micro-habits Of High-Impact Managers

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