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Building a Swift UI App - Planning

posted on July 4, 2021 | tags: [ development, apple, swift, projects, nwrpg ]
Design, Plan, Code and Ship a SwiftUI app and Blog about it

Building an App

Design, Plan, Code and Ship a SwiftUI app and blog about it

  • Define the App
  • Pick the Technologies
  • Give the App a home
  • Design the App
  • Create an MVP and Roadmap
  • Code It
  • Test It
  • Ship It

Define the App

Next Wars RPG (NWRPG) is a turn based, decision making role playing game in the Next Wars Multiverse. The game can be played by remote players and AI players, with a human or non-human Game Master. NWRPG will have a player builder, story builder, world builder and a lore builder in the toolkit feature. Content can be player created or subscription. Player created content will be gamified to manage resources and story integration.

Pick the Technologies

NWRPG is going to be a Swift app, so obviously Swift (5.5). I'll try AWS Amplify for a first release - Cognito, DynamoDB, API, S3. Not sure about the DataStore component.

Give the App a home

NWRPG will live in a private GitHub repository here for the initial MVP release. The planning and design repo is here.

Design the App

Stay tuned.