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Technology Briefing

posted on February 12, 2017 | tags: [ coder, maker, hacker, mentor ]
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Catching up, this past week was a mix of old and new and a new client for the next few weeks.


I started last week at a new client out in the farm lands of Pennsylvania. Out of my comfort zone, this involved a hotel stay at the Inn at Leolas, a new client with a barrage of new concepts and code. I was issued a new laptop, new e-mail, new MSDN account - more stuff to manage. I did utilize a Google Chrome feature of setting up a Chrome profile for the new account. This let me setup a profile with bookmarks, applications and settings specific to the account I will use at the client.

Performance Testing

I am following a basic process for performance testing:

  1. Understand client issues that prompted their request for a specialist.
  2. Identify target environments to test
  3. Create test environment to plan and design tests
  4. Plan and design tests
  5. Execute tests and capture results
  6. Analyze results
  7. Write report, include approach, results and recommendations
  8. Present findings and recommendations


I started a project for a server to run on my robot kits using GoPiGo as a prototype. Find it on Github, command. I ran into issues with the node-gopigo module, may need to write an interface and stub it out to work on the services code off robot.

SecureWorld Philadelphia

I was approved and registered to go to SecureWorld Philadelphia in April. I also signed up for the "Designing and Building a Cybersecurity Program Based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework" training option. While Database Solutions may not directly implement a Cybersecurity framework, I consider it critical that we understand what our clients are building.