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Re-election Win! SJSL Information Officer

posted on June 16, 2022 | tags: [ operations, soccer, sjsl ]
SJSL Logo and South Jersey Strong - Mark Roxberry, Information Officer
For the 2022 SJSL Executive Board election, here is a list of my achievements and my future plans as Information Officer. Thank you to all of the South Jersey Soccer League member clubs!

My Election Platform

One of my cooler volunteer roles is with the South Jersey Soccer League (SJSL) as their Information Officer. From the SJSL Constitution, here's the description for IO:

The Information Officer shall be responsible for leading, managing and directing the League’s technology and information systems. The person in this position is responsible for overseeing all technical aspects of the League’s website and any third-party web enabled solutions. The Information Officer shall act as the editor of the site's content and is responsible for making improvements, modifications, and/or enhancements, as directed by the Executive Board.

I was elected unopposed and unanimously for my first term in June 2020 to a 2 year term. I ran for re-election again, today, unopposed. Thanks to our member clubs, I won and will continue for another 2 years. I wanted to capture my election plan - discussing my achievements and what I hope to do in the future.


  • I successfully managed SJSL technical operations during a global pandemic. We've managed to grow our membership from 460 teams in Spring 2020 to 520+ teams currently.
  • I migrated all SJSL internal technology to Google for Non-Profits for free; previously documents were shared on personal accounts, no management of SJSL resources before. Now, our documents are stored centrally, versioned and can be shared securely.
  • I successfully moved SJSL to use Google Meet and Zoom platforms for meetings.
  • I helped SJSL move from the legacy GotSoccer platform to the new GotSport platform, supporting all of our clubs and board members. Currently working with GotSport technologists, support representatives and other leagues to improve the platform for SJSL.
  • Started the Next Tech working group to create a new website when GotSport stops supporting websites, move to Virtual Cards and other forward thinking technology solutions, supporting media projects like SJS1. Secured funding for Amazon Web Services for the new site and other cloud initiatives.
  • Worked with SJGSL and Referee Assignors to register and scope referees and setup data imports for GotSport seasonal scheduling.
  • Worked on the League Unification project to merge SJSL and SJGSL technology platforms.
  • Set up a social media working group with Keith Rambo and brought in Jenn S. as our Social Media Manager to manage our presence, along with personally managing the SJSL website content.
  • Protected the SJSL website and platform from online attacks with advanced TLS using Cloudflare.
  • Started using Google Analytics to find more information about what works and isn't working on our platform.


  • Implement Virtual Carding for the league. I will work with membership, referee assignors and referees to move to virtual carding.
  • Research viability of, security and implement online payments for SJSL.
  • Bring the next.sjsl.org site online, eliminate the dependency on GotSport.
  • Continue working with membership to improve SJSL's technology operations.
  • Continue Modernization (move to better tech stack, mobile solutions, etc.) and Protocol (onboarding for league operations, membership guidance, etc.) initiatives
  • I will continue to support technology unification initiatives with SJGSL to help membership.



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