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Building Improvements

posted on July 15, 2023 | tags: [ planning ]
Recent work and planned work on this site, an update for 2023 of some basic features, adding a projects hub concept in addition to blog posts.

Building Improvements

This post describes recent work and planned work on this site, an update for 2023 of some basic features. Taking a look at some things that I want to work on in the near future, I realized that I could use Roxberry.DEV as a project hub.

Just Added

I added a projects section on the home page and for projects, I designed a project card widget. I have more than 4 projects, so I selected 4 as featured for the home page and will add others to a projects page.

I added an About Me page - still working on what I want there, just used my short bio from a conference where I gave a security presentation. Still pondering what other things to include.

And I enabled my Contact Me page, despite get a bit of random spam e-mails. I'll watch for an uptick in nonsens e-mails and decide to keep enabled or not.

In Planning

I need a mobile navigation widget that will show the new navigation links on smaller devices, resolutions under 768px.

I would like to data drive the featured projects and all projects, will need to see how to do that via Gatsby.

Review what I should have on an About Me page, what will interest others, not just myself.

Design and develop a better tag manager, possibly use a search tool for the local list of tags.

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