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Clarity - December 2021 Theme

posted on December 1, 2021 | tags: [ agile, planning ]
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My December 2021 theme is clarity. Seeking clarity, clean board, see forward and backward and create a future.

December Theme - Clarity


clar·i·ty /ˈklerədē/ (noun) The quality of being coherent and intelligible.

3 goals this month are set by the theme of clarity:

  1. Create a Big board of projects and tasks - me, family, work, volunteer. What needs to be done. Maybe a tech project to have it front and center. Actu8.IO project? What projects need to be on the board for 2022? Examples? Certifications, Vacations, Joint Ventures, Academic directives.
  2. Define and document process clarity - Process, tools, bootstrap, routines, automation and shortcuts. Actu8.IO
  3. Branding clarity, get product awareness - simple, succinct.

Other side goals:

  1. Use goal 1, develop big board on Actu8.IO. Accelerated technology production. Define project goals then architect, architect, architect and then code, code, code. Ties into boards. Maybe Actu8.IO is a product platform for human boards and planning?

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