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Week 39 Retrospective & Week 40 Outlook 2021

posted on September 26, 2021 | tags: [ agile, planning ]
Engine Block
Week 39 improved, back to school, work opportunities and a forward looking week for me.

Week 39 Retrospective

Busy, busy, busy. I started the week with a plan. It was a week full of all kinds of interactions beyond the Slack window and I ended it with a great feeling of many doors opening.

  1. Back to School - I visited my children's school and learned about their daily process. I definitely miss the classroom environment.
  2. Project delivery - I delivered one of the major last projects for my client, I assumed ownership of it after my colleague's contract expired. It was a good delivery, no major issues.
  3. Dependency hell - changes to the back end of one of our systems required changes on the integration calls, just a configuration change, but it was not communicated to the team. Resolved it, good to go.
  4. Injury - Haglund’s Deformity and Chronic Achilles Tendonitis - less pain this week, able to visit a client.
  5. Client and potential client meetings all went well for me. Interesting and substantive work at each. Prompting me to finish my AWS certification path.
  6. Had a colleague team meeting to discuss client calls. It was a good way to hear different points of view, 10,000 down to 1 inch (figuratively) ideas.
  7. Roll20 MarkUn2 Damien has a secret mission, shhh.

Week 40 Outlook

  1. Project - consolidate ECOM flow steps
  2. New Appliance install
  3. Tires
  4. AWS Certification Class
  5. SJSL Jim Miller Cup Event Setup
  6. CPEs from CodeRed
  7. Project for SJSL -> Schedule Manager
  8. Project for SJSL -> SJS1
  9. Wednesday Night Gaming
  10. Home fixes - new blinds, nail punch


  1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional

Ру́сский WOTDs this week

  1. хохота́ть/захохота́ть: to laugh out loud
  2. краси́вый: beautiful
  3. беспла́тный: free
  4. а́нгел: angel
  5. го́рько: bitterly
  6. шк сожале́нию: unfortunately
  7. и́мя: name

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