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Week 38 Retrospective & Week 39 Outlook 2021

posted on September 18, 2021 | tags: [ agile, planning ]
38 was a tough week, blog post looking back, looking forward - a capture of my notables for Week 38 and plans for Week 39 in 2021.

Week 38 Retrospective

Overall feel - last week was a grind. Despite that all my projects are green, SJSL went well on Sunday and not a complete disaster, the week in totality felt like a drag. A few negatives outweighed the positives, hopefully I can flip the script in week 39.

  1. Surgery - tough week to focus when one of your children needs surgery. It was downgraded, prognosis was positive, but it still threw me off to start the week.
  2. Project assumption (I assumed ownership for the project) when key personnel are rolled off. My partner at the client, with me for over a year, had to roll off due to his contract expiring.
  3. Dependency - integration blues when systems out of our control are failing. 500s on major service calls, made development and testing untenable. Need to explain to QA that the errors are integration.
  4. Injury - Haglund’s Deformity and Chronic Achilles Tendonitis - barely walking, shooting pain on dorsiflexion of my right foot.
  5. Attended the Snowflake Financial Services Data Summit - Americas. This was interesting, FinTech knowledge is on my professional learning goals.
  6. Roll20 MarkUn2 Something fun to do, I got back into D&D with a Cleric who thinks all Mages are possessed and need to be exorcised.

Week 39 outlook

  1. Project Release for testing
  2. Back to School Night
  3. Team Introduction Lunch
  4. CPEs from CodeRed
  5. Project for SJSL -> Schedule Manager
  6. Project for SJSL -> SJS1
  7. Wednesday Night Gaming


  1. CCSP Quizlet
  2. Transparent Russian WOTD
  3. CodeRed

Ру́сский WOTDs this week

  1. фен: hairdryer
  2. Круто!
  3. заводи́ться/завести́сь: to start (an engine)
  4. утёнок: duckling
  5. хоро́шенький: cute
  6. шлёпки: flip-flops

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