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August Monthly Focus - 3 Wins

posted on August 1, 2021 | tags: [ agile, planning ]
Following the Agile Way, I decided to post my planning notes. Monthly, weekly, daily notes, 3 wins and looking forward.

Planning for August 2021

Working through a planning guide, in the Getting Results the Agile Way book, following the method laid out here.

August 2021 Theme

"Reintellectualization" - mapping out the next steps to elevate my knowledge, for work and as an academic professional.

August 2021 3 Wins

  1. Create a project to sharpen the saw for my Russian academic credential
  2. Pick a professional certification to start, e.g. CCSP, AWS
  3. Connect with my professional network, find out what people are working on, any new angles.

Honorable mention

  • Continue work on my NWRPG
  • Work on an idea for an OWASP project

Future month win themes

  • Monetization - make money from something, e.g. blog, project, application, videos


Getting Results the Agile Way: A Personal Results System for Work and Life by J.D. Meier

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