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Swift Tips

posted on July 6, 2021 | tags: [ swift, apple, projects, development ]
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Swift tips

Probably basic stuff, but wanted to keep a reference of useful tricks

Simulator not updating the Launch Image

I added a Background color, ran the simulator, then added a Launch Image and reran the simulator, the image did not show. Just restart the simulator.

Object to JSON String

CustomObject using a data extension, I wanted to get the UUID and Color properties in JSON to reuse in a JSON file

    do {
        let encodedData = try JSONEncoder().encode(CustomObject.data)
        let jsonString = String(data: encodedData,
                            encoding: .utf8)
        print (jsonString ?? "no json")
    } catch {
        fatalError("Couldn't process json")

JSON to CustomModel

    if let jsonData = jsonString?.data(using: .utf8) {
        let objectFromJsonData = try JSONDecoder().decode(CustomObject.self,
                                                    from: jsonData)

Print or NSLog

Use print for quick and dirty, use NSLog for more info.