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Catching Up, Planning Forward

posted on September 29, 2022 | tags: [ planning ]
Past, Present and Future Stuff

Catch Up, Planning Forward


I'm taking a snapshot now - work, volunteer, professional and personal facets of my life.


I am always working, happy to be in my field - which is somewhere between nomadic developer and enterprise architect. I've been more on the architect side recently, with a focus on cloud platforms and interoperability (always the ilities). And of course everything converges with security, identity and safe architecture.

TODO: Safe architecture is something to think about for a blog post or series.

Last week, I wrapped up work at a client where I was both architect and engineer. I spent some time and worked with cool stuff in the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Learned a few products and published several architectural decision records (ADRs). I also was the lead engineer for a good security project to solve root registration by creating an out of band account management feature.


On the SJSL side (as Information Officer), I have many projects running concurrently. I want credit card payments, an integrated referee platform and soon a new website. I am working with the various people and organizations to get buy in and ideas.


I lined up a few training series - Software Architecture Fundamentals on O'Reilly, GCP, Security Best Practices on Google Cloud. I spend at least an hour in training on something each day, if not more.


I started a personal project to reverse translate the Russian translation of The Silmarillion, Сильмариллион for fun. Checking out Brandon Sanderson's class and reading Stephen King's "On Writing" for a writing project.

My Present State

  • Working on a Swift project
  • Some architectural deep diving on microservices, Kafka and Elastic.
  • AWS Partner: Well-Architected Best Practices (Technical).
  • Some work looking at Microsoft Teams App development at the Microsoft Teams Developer Portal.
  • Security training
  • Projects? Writing? Coding?

The Path Forward

Of all the things I want to do, what can I complete?


  1. Beginning Firebase for iOS
  2. Google Cloud Platform
  3. Event-Driven Microservices: Spring Boot, Kafka and Elastic
  4. AWS Partner: Well-Architected Best Practices (Technical)
  5. Microsoft Teams Developer Portal
  6. Security Best Practices in Google Cloud

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